Winterize Your Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

If you believe I’ve lost my mind, you’re mistaken. It would help if you used your air conditioner at least a few times during the winter to keep the compressor from freezing. Additionally, when the refrigerant circulates, it helps maintain the health and softness of all hoses.

Maintenance of Your Auto Battery

Your vehicle’s battery must be in peak condition, and for this to occur, it must undergo routine maintenance. Maintaining a car’s battery is not particularly difficult.

It begins with maintaining a clean battery. Clean with a moist cloth and a little dish detergent.

Clean the battery posts or terminals by removing first the negative cable, then the positive wire.Red Means positive, while black = is negative. Dip a battery brush of brass wire into a baking soda and water solution. Adding a few tablespoons of baking soda to a small amount of water will yield the correct mixture.

Examine the battery for any cracks. Also, be aware of swelling. These are indications that the battery should be replaced. Finally, reinstall the battery cables, beginning with the positive terminal.

Preserving Your Battery

If a battery has a vent cap, it should be removed, and the electrolyte level examined. It must cover the battery’s top plates by at least 12 inches or 13 mm. Because tap water may include minerals harmful to your battery, you should avoid using it. Use distilled water instead.

Sealing a Leaking Radiator

If your radiator is leaking, various powdered and liquid radiator sealants are available. When the product reaches the opening in the radiator, it comes into touch with air and forms a seal.

Water down the Coolant

Your cooling system must contain both water and antifreeze. You do not use coolant undiluted. Typically, the ratio is 50/50. Additionally, you should never use plain water in your radiator. Check your coolant-antifreeze at least twice each month. Ensure you have appropriate coverage during cold weather to prevent your radiator from freezing.

Coolant must be flushed since it loses its effectiveness and becomes polluted. For some coolants, you must flush your system every two years, and for others, every five years. Consult the label of your coolant for specific instructions. If you do not do a flush regularly, you risk

causing damage to the radiator and the heater core. Additionally, the thermostat and water pump can fail.

Never Combine Coolants

Never combine coolants of different hues. For example, if your coolant is green, do not mix it with pink coolant; doing so will result in a thick, ineffective goop.

Checking Power Steering Fluid

When the vehicle is heated, you should check the power steering fluid once a month. If the water level is low, you should inspect the pump and hoses for leaks. Insufficient power steering fluid might cause harm to the power steering pump.

In case your Air Conditioning breaks down, you can enjoy this portble USB Air Conditioning.

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